Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010: Cutting the Hole in the Wall!

Big day today! The kids are moved into our old room, and we're moved into the one finished room in the new house. So today our two homes become one big one!

First step: the tiny hole in the wall to access the power from the new house.

More on this later...

Because our house was originally built as a single-wall structure and is rather old and somewhat termite-eaten, Eric needed to make sure that the wall was shored up, so he and Roger framed it and placed a shear wall.

More fun with the tiny hole in the wall...

No more fun... the tiny hole is now a big hole!

The next step will be to make some steps so we don't fall as we make our way back and forth!
Starting today; finishing tomorrow.

Fun photo asides:
These are the weights from the old window in the kids room (no longer existent), which kept them at whatever level you opened them. I understand their new home will be aboard Jon's boat!

And a peek at the water lilies in the backyard:

I believe there are at least four of them blooming right now. Hope I have this much success with all of the plants that will be in the yard! God is a great gardener, cuz it's sure not me!!

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