Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010: Installing the Master Bathroom Vanity

Challenging day...

Vanity... vanity... all is NOT vanity... at least not this one...

As built, the doors would not cooperate with the walls, so Eric will have the opportunity to hone his cabinetry skills and work out a solution... but not today. Inspiration will come soon, so just pray for his thinker to come up with yet another dazzling display of his God-given ingenuity!

And the floor was fine until the closet... but Eric is stubborn and refused to be beaten by a floorboard (though I'm sure he would have loved to beat some himself!). Wish I had gotten a photo of the notes he wrote on the blue tape when he was done...

This photo was just fun, so I had to include it:

The power of Coke!

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