Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5, 2010: Finishing the Guest Room

Quiet day today. Only Eric, by himself, putting the finishing touches on the guest bedroom. The corner rounds were milled by him and painted by painter Mike back when they were painting the interior.

Eric temporarily placed the chimney over the stove hood so we could see how it looked. The dishwasher is also temporarily in place. None of the appliances will actually work until the electrician and plumber return to connect them, and that won't take place until after the counter tops are placed. Soon, though!

The doc came by on his way to help Wally prepare the orchids for the KCC Farmer's Market tomorrow.

Happy to see progress once again!

Tomorrow! The big appliances, including the 640-lb refrigerator, will be making their way into the house tomorrow. Now THAT will be an adventure in ingenuity!

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