Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010: Indonesian pieces finally arrive!

Eric and I spent the morning picking up the Indonesian pieces ordered from Simplicity Imports (thanks, Kama!). Amazing how difficult shipping cargo has become. And picking it up as well! But we were finally allowed into the hallowed grounds of Aloha Air Cargo, where the guy who helped us load was very nice.

The materials used to pack the furniture are amazing! The wood is balsa, which is extremely light (important for shipping) and very easily broken, but when used like the above holds up very well. And inside the crates, each piece was wrapped in lots and lots... and LOTS! of lightweight corrugated paper. Filled up my recycle bin!

If you have ever been to Bennett's office, you have seen pieces similar to these. They are made of reclaimed exotic wood from old furniture. The old paint is sometimes still visible, as with a couple of our pieces. So with that in mind, here are the new pieces:

This first piece is the entertainment center which will go in the "Grand Room." It still has some blue paint on the boards on the top.

This second piece is the vanity for the guest bathroom. The latch on the front is fun to play with! The top looks odd mostly because there isn't one. Both of the vanities will have Silestone countertops.

And this piece is a "white-washed" vanity which will be cantilevered to two walls and a pony wall in the master bathroom. The "Blue Sahara" Silestone countertop really pops with the whiteness of this piece. I know they all look a little odd by themselves, but when they are in their places in their new home, they are going to be perfect!

As for the rest of the day, Eric grouted the kitchen tile and played host to architect Jeff.

Landscaper Mike was also over testing the water pressure. We were laughing at what was currently growing in the yard:

A variety of weeds...

The triple pikake (again!) and the pakalana that used to be part of grandma's garden (excited about these!)...

...and even on the shady side of the house, grass seems to be able to survive... although I think it's nutgrass, so it better enjoy it's short life while it can! Looking forward to the time when the whole yard is full of green!

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