Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6, 2010: Moving the Appliances Inside

Eric spent the morning implementing all his plans and schemes to get that 1/4 ton+ refrigerator up those six steps, around the lanai, and over the threshold into the house. Special hand trucks, special friends, and special ramps all came into play.

Two views of his ingenious ramp over the threshold.

And here they go... at first I was hoping to get play-by-play of the process...

But at this moment right here... I was prompted to replace the memories with active, fervent prayer!

And the results...

Between Eric, Roger, Bennett, Michael, Eric's friend Pila, and Pila's older friend, and some good old-fashioned supernatural help, both the refrigerator and the oven unit made it into the house without accident or injury (as long as you don't count Eric's pre-prayer scrape as an injury!).

Ah! David arrived just in time to admire the work instead of help! You gotta live in Kaimuki to know that the first Saturday in November is Celebrate Kaimuki Day, and NO ONE gets around quickly. Oh well...

Thank you, Pila, for your strong back!

Time to position temporarily...

And time to begin moving stuff into the guest bedroom in preparation for Monday's breakthrough.

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