Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010: Lots Going On!

Today's a federal holiday, and our house is more full of construction workers than we've seen for a while!

David the tiler got hired for a union job, so Bradley and his son Braeden came to finish grouting the master bathroom.

Mark mudded the rest of the drywall entry between the houses.

Darrin and Roger worked on finished the exterior trim.

Eric and Bobby installed the blowers and the stainless steel cover for the range hood.

Oh, and by the way, Bennett took many of the photos today (including this work of art!) while I was out all day with various girlfriends celebrating my birthday!

Bobo worked on some of the electric stuff on the island and worked with Eric to install the pantry and hall lighting.

So, lots of things getting done in and on the house today! Flooring, floorboards, appliances... we finally see the end in sight!


The screen in the guest room that we use at night to block out the street light that shines into the room...

The dog who is slowly getting used to his new routine, with his "brother"...

And Jody came by to visit and check out the progress...

Looking forward to when John visits as well... once he's done with his Mideast tour.

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