Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010: More Detail Work, and A Visit!

Eric and Darren focused on more detail work. And Eric's new friend waited patiently for attention... (and treats!)

And I had another special guest... my breakfast buddy, Beckie!

Colin & James from C&J Solar Solutions did some pipe work for the solar water heater.

And since they were up on the roof, I finally took the opportunity to get up there myself to photograph the other side! (Don't tell the doc...)

And I discovered an ancient relic!

Maybe we'll open a museum...

Couple of fun discoveries... a lizard under the lanai...

looks kinda LARGE, but it's a gecko-sized thing...

...and a cutie little flower, about the size of my thumbnail...

Lots of fun stuff at my house! Come by!

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