Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010: Laying the Deck

Lots of changes today! Most of the recessed lighting fixtures are in, and the side lanai now has flooring!

The electrical guys were hard at work...

and the fixtures are now in place...

Plus, the thingamabob that holds the wires that connect to HECO wires is up. Looks like a periscope!

Laying the deck was a lesson in perseverance! Lots of steps, and lots of hard work! But it's looking beautiful!

The process:
1) Cutting the planks... kind of tricky considering how flexible the composite material is!

2) Placing the planks in the proper place. One part fine precision, one part brute force!

3) Placing the Tiger Claw:

Precise placement (without dropping the hammer!),

Then anchor into place!

Alas! It looks beautiful, but the only way I can show you is underneath, because the carpenter/supervisor/Nazi covered it up before I could get out there to shoot it!

But even from underneath, you can see how precise it is! And it's covered up so that it won't be marred while the rest of the house is still being constructed. I'll get a completed photo from the front side of the lanai tomorrow.

Visitors! Mark & Doris stopped by to admire all the hard work the guys are doing.

Oh, and a picture of Command Central...

And don't touch a thing, because everything has its place!

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