Friday, July 2, 2010

July 1, 2010: More Detail Work

Eric's cousin Darren joined him today, and they worked on the details of the house.

Eric closed off the BIG hole in the floor at the back entrance as well as raising the floor level there. He also wrapped the rest of the walls around the carport and did several other detail-y things.

Eric's buddy the dog is very appreciative of the covered hole, as now he can't fall through the floor!

Darren worked on the eaves on the lanai, making them more elegant.

Eric explained it to me in more detail than "elegant," but I had just spent the day with the doc and my attention level was, well, nil. So I just say elegant.

Bruce sealed more of the lanai subflooring, and the plumbers put in the pipes for the island (oops, they did this yesterday!).

Today was subcontractor day! Bobo, electrical, was on site with one of his team members, Ian. And Buster, the tile guy, had a look around as well.

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