Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 21, 2010: Repairing the Porch of the Old House

Darren and Roger spent the day replacing one of the posts of the house where we live now. Now that this is done, the roofers will be able to finish roofing the house, then Curtis can come in and do the gutters.

So imagine picking up a nine-foot 4x4 beam... the rotten one weighed only about a pound and a half! (That's about the weight of my MacBook Pro.) Telephoto look:

Yes, those are gecko eggs inside the termite holes! Yuck!

Buster floated the floors in the two bathrooms.

Jerard's toys all lined up!

And we had visitors today!

Wally and Corinne came by to check out the progress of the place.

Oh, and here's the progress of the plumerias:

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