Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010: More Trenching

The biggest challenge in digging the trench is working around (or through) the humongous blue Kaimuki rocks! According to the USGS on the Big Island,
Often, the very dense interior of a thick lava flow is exposed. This is where there are no gas vesicles or "holes" in the rock, and the grain sizes of the minerals are slightly larger. The gray rock appears to have a tint of blue to it, and this is often called "blue rock" in Hawai'i. Contractors have other names for it, but they are not printable in a family newspaper. "Blue rock" is the bane of contractors, especially road builders and pipeline installers, because it is difficult to break. The largest bulldozers and backhoes are regularly humbled by this dense rock, causing contractors to revert to expensive drilling and blasting techniques.

While encountering "blue rock" is a contractor's worst nightmare, it is also the most sought-after rock type by commercial quarry operators. The best grade construction aggregates are from "blue rock." The concrete made with a mixture of crushed "blue rock" and cement has the structural integrity to pass necessary strength tests.

So, see Eric?? We shoulda sold it! Would've made a mint!!

Anyway, so Jerard continues to dig the trench...

Uncovering the broken sewer pipe from our current house in order to replace it (this is what the aforementioned doc was working on yesterday)...

Jerard also spread out the coral which will be used for the foundation for the concrete slabs that will be poured for the carport and sidewalk leading to the lanai stairs. Pretty dusty work!

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