Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010: Prep Work for the Walls

We have two new guys working today: Riley and Charlie Jr (Charlie's son and Jon & Eric's nephew) are helping Eric this week.

Brian and Colin from C&J Solar Solutions were here this morning to set the pins for the solar panels.

And Tony & Tony from Pacific Plumbing began their prep work for the bathrooms.

The waves were up in Ewa, so after work, Charlie and Roger came by to fetch Charlie Jr. Have fun, guys!

It's fascinating for me to see all the detail that continues to go into the house, things that I've never really paid attention to before. Like the skirting that goes over the beams atop the CMUs. And the little boards with the circle vents and screens to keep the area above the ceiling cool but keep out birds and pests, and the techboard which is being used instead of ply for the roof to keep the house naturally cooler. And the complexity of the trusses which gives the roof strength and can hold stuff like solar panels and photo voltaic panels and maybe climbers who just want to look at the stars! Fun stuff! All these guys are real amazing, how they can put all this together!

I love it! Thank you, Jesus, for the skills and talents you have given to all these men and women who are putting out their very best to give us a house that we can enjoy and share with all of them and so many others!

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