Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010: Prep Work

Today the roofers continued to roof, and Eric and Thomas did stuff to prepare to wrap the house and place the windows so that the siding can go up on Saturday.

**sigh** Thomas got a "real" job, so today was sort of his last day on our job, unless he is able to come on the weekends. Thanks for all your hard, fine work, Thomas!

I am very excited that the plumeria branches that I stuck into this pot are starting to sprout leaves (thanks, Charisa, for watering while I was gone :). These are branches from the tree that used to grow on the side of the old house, so it will be nice to have their keiki continue their legacy of beautiful blossoms.

And this one is my art submission... Mango Moon! Diana's tree, not ours... ours said "aloha" while I was gone. Many years of fine mangoes, but it had become diseased. Hopefully we can find a new, less rooty tree to replace it.

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