Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010: The Tour Continues...

Our tour continues... (thanks for your patience!)

This is the front wall of the house. The large center opening will house french doors with sidelights, and the two large windows on each side of the door will allow lots of light!

Spin 90˚ to the left and you are facing the patio door opening onto the side lanai. To the left of the patio door is an awning window; the lone solid wall is to the left of that. Expect it to be an attention-getting color!

These two photos are of the lanai which wraps around the front and the makai side of the house. This is the lanai blessed with the Songs of Ascents. I am looking forward to seeing how inventive we can be with this lanai, both for decoration and for entertainment purposes!

So here we are as of May 30th... wall frames up. Prep work will begin this week for the trusses which will be delivered Friday, June 4.

Oh, and we had our very first house guests (though you can imagine they didn't stay at the house overnight!). Bill and Davitra were in town, so we gave them the grand tour, complete with complimentary home-made ginger ales! (For those of you who don't know, Bill was the preacher who married us almost 28 years ago!) Looking forward to having them again when the house is complete!

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