Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22, 2010: Full Speed Ahead!

The guys finished placing the joists, put in the floor beams and cross beams on the side lanai, and put up the 6x6's on the makai side and front. Lots of very detailed, beautiful construction going on here! Jeff Ho'okano, the roofer, came by to consult with Jon regarding the roofing to be started Monday on the existing house, and Calvin Lam, the painter, came by to check what needed to be sealed in the lanai area.

Start of day...

We watched Charlie using this aMAZing tool to set the nails!

The head supervisor was on-site today, checking out the work.

It's starting to shape up quite nicely!

Oh, and Charlie even had enough time after work to check out the surf report!

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