Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010: Tree Trimming

Had early morning visitors, fresh from the KCC Farmers' Market. Norman enjoyed his first visit so much that he decided to bring his beautiful bride, Karen, by to see how the house was progressing. Karen is also our fabulous accountant.

After playing host, I enjoyed the rest of the morning helping Mr. Ishikawa and his son, Kevin, trim the tangerine tree which was trying to stretch over and play tag with our eaves. It's a much better behaved tree now!

If you look in the background of the third photo, you might notice two tall papaya trees. Just below them is an African tulip tree whose seed was apparently deposited by a wayward bird some months back. In that short time the tree has grown above the roof of our carport. Since it has the potential to reach 70-80 feet and shed, shed, shed, both Mr. Ishikawa and I thought it was time for that "little" guy to come down, so after lunch they grabbed the chain saw, and we all said bye-bye to poor Mr. Tulip tree. However, I just learned what the seeds look like...

I have been seeing these little guys for days all over my yard... looks like I'll be cutting down a few more soon!

More visitors! Wally and Corinne came by, picking us up for a double date to see 442: Live with Honor, Die with Dignity. Good documentary, by the way. Should become a must-see for all high school history classes!

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